FR-C Pro LYTE Bib Short

When  it  gets  hot,  go  Lyte. An  85  gram  jersey  and  a  bib  short  with perforated  fabric  —  meet  the  flyweight duo  that  maximizes  breathability  without compromising  support.  FR-C  Pro  Lyte  is  your go-to  kit  when  the  heat  is  on. 


•  Lightweight,  perforated  fabric

•  Aerodynamic  leg  paneling  with  aero dimpled  material 

•  Compressive,  barely-there  feel

•  Anti-abrasion  seat  panel

•  Front  panel  is built  to  accommodate  the Cirro  S  Chamois’  Copa  Mondiale

Collection Features

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