The AV Extreme is an incredibly lightweight jacket that provides the ultimate in warmth and protection from the elements.


Extreme Comfort in Extreme Conditions

Utilizing three independent layers, the wind and waterproof AV Extreme is designed to keep you comfortable in extreme cold and inclement weather while allowing maximum breathability during high intensity training. When riding at a lower intensity it can be combined with an appropriate winter base layer and/or jersey to extend its usability.


The external shell of the AV Extreme Jacket uses eVent® DV Alpine™, a wind and waterproof membrane featuring eVent’s Direct Venting™ technology. Specifically engineered to keep you in the ‘dry zone’, a steady state of core temperature and humidity, DV Alpine™ controls the wild swings your body goes through to stay in balance during hard efforts in extreme conditions.


The Polartec® Alpha 60 mid layer, originally developed for the U.S. Special Forces, provides superior heat retention and moisture management while the innermost layer supports the outer layers and pulls moisture away from the body.



Who's it for?

For the rider who trains through the coldest winter months with frequent intense interval efforts and demands an aerodynamic, lightweight, and breathable jacket. The Aqua+Vento Extreme Winter Jacket is for any cyclist looking to maintain comfort in cold and wet winter weather.




This three-layer insulated jacket made of wind and waterproof material is indeed suited to extreme conditions. I rode in this jacket - and just a short sleeve base layer underneath - in low 20-degree (fahrenheit) temps (-7 celsius), pushing my heart rate to max on 20-minute climbs followed by fast descents. I stayed comfortable and dry throughout, a borderline miracle because I always seem to be cold, and I sweat a ton. The jacket is also remarkably light and low-profile."


- Matt Philips, Bicycling Jan/Feb 2017




Polartec Alpha Insulation

Polartec’s Alpha 60™ fabric, which has military roots, is unique because it offers breathability as well as warmth, just like those “puffy” style jackets. The synthetic material provides lightweight insulation thanks to a core construction of lofted knit fibers that create pockets of air to trap warmth like goose down. Natural down can be bulky and is susceptible to moisture, causing it to clump up and lose its heat-retaining qualities, which Alpha 60 avoids.


The airy insulation also keeps body heat in check while also letting moisture escape when you sweat. The stable core of lofted knit fibers prevents fiber migration to keep a uniform consistency, even after heavy wear and repeated laundering. 



eVent® Breathable Outer Membrane

The outer layer of the AV Extreme uses eVent®'s DV Alpine™ fabric which is 100% breathable, waterproof and wind resistant due to the internal membrane that creates an impermeable barrier against the elements. eVent’s Direct Venting™ technology allows vapor to escape facilitating Core Temperature management by preventing overheating.


DWR Treatment

The entire outer surface of the jacket receives a DWR treatment which adds an extra layer of water resistance to the garment. The treatment creates additional surface tension, suspending water beads to the outer fringe of the garment where it rolls off before having the opportunity to penetrate the fabric.


Winter Mesh

The innermost layer of the jacket is a mesh that works to support the outer layers. It pulls moisture away from the body where it can escape through the breathable outer layers.



Reflective accents created via a revolutionary new refractive fabric, Pixel®, provides reflectivity without sacrificing the breathable qualities of the fabric.


  • Tall ergo collar forms to neck for protection
  • 3 cargo and one waterproof zippered side pocket
  • Pixel® reflective ducktail protects rider’s backside
  • Additional hi-vis logo accents for visibility

  • Tall ergo collar forms to neck for protection
  • 3 cargo and one waterproof zippered side pocket
  • Pixel® reflective ducktail protects rider’s backside
  • Additional hi-vis logo accents for visibility

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