Cap Communications

Cycling caps have been around since the beginning of the sport and as they used to carry a practical function they are more of a fashion accessory these days. Some would even say a form of communication. Our in-house cap connoisseur gave us a rundown on what you might be saying with the way you wear your cap on and off the bike.   


The Paper Boy 

To be worn in a playful mood or while delivering your neighborhood’s daily.


The Hangover

This submissive placement can be worn during periods of vulnerability. Shading of the eyes also helps conceal tears of pain or bloodshot eyes. Wearing sunglasses enhances this effect.


The Badass 

When placing a cap in this position you are alerting the world of the wrath you are about to unleash. It is a warning sign and last call to all the challengers before throwing your chain into the big ring of life.


The Sherlock

For those who are bold enough to attempt the “double play” of cycling cap fashion. Some may think it too sophisticated and brash but in fact is quite elementary.


The Podium

Maintaining the frontal slope at 40° with bill in the upright position portrays the look of success. Like a proud peacock, letting the world know of your prowess.


As you can see, you may be communicating more than you know by your cap positioning. We'd love to hear about some of the styles you've encountered.

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