EXO System™ - An Entirely New Class of Performance Cycling Apparel

Giordana EXO System™ garments mark the advent of an entirely new class of performance cycling apparel. The unique construction centers around the strategic placement of panels and fabrics to enhance muscle performance and reduce drag while keeping the garments as light and cool as possible.

EXO is an abbreviation for EXternal Optimization. This collection embodies that name by optimizing the way your body interacts with the external forces working against you: wind, heat and fatigue. The fit of the EXO System™ is designed to reduce a rider’s aerodynamic drag while the lightweight fabrics keep the rider cool and dry. EXO Bibs and Knickers utilize specifically shaped compression panels and materials to optimize blood flow, enhancing muscle performance and delaying fatigue.

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Collection Features

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Find a Giordana Dealer Near You: