High Compression

The new HC-50 Power Lycra is the most compressive Lycra yet to be featured in the FormaRed-Carbon Collection. HC refers to High Compression while 50 designates the number of threads per square centimeter. This ultra compact knit translates into increased performance, comfort and wicking capabilities and makes HC-50 softer and more supple than other Nylon/Lycra fabrics.

Laser Cut Aerodynamics

The highly breathable, lightweight and compressive Revolution fabric hugs the rider’s shoulders and biceps with a longer sleeve length for added support, sun protection and a more aerodynamic fit. The sleeves are finished with a laser cut and heat welded arm cuff for a more comfortable and low profile finish.

Improved Leg Gripper

The 7.5cm tall 190 E leg grippers are a soft, non-restrictive material inspired by an all day compression fabric used in the medical industry that comfortably expands to help improve blood flow. The 190 E grippers provide all day comfort and stability with a low profile feel against the skin and light silicone gripper application to help keep them in place.

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The Benchmark in Performance and Comfort

FormaRed-Carbon is the elite apparel collection from Giordana. These award-winning pieces consistently set the bar for technical advancement, innovation and performance. FR-C garments contour perfectly to the body forming a second skin that makes every movement natural and comfortable. The fabrics, features and level of detail endow them with the fit and performance characteristics that other clothing simply can’t achieve.

Collection Features

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