Giordana PROTECTION garments are designed to keep you riding comfortably through a range of weather conditions. These purpose-built garments will help you maintain a consistent body temperature across a variety of micro climates so your performance doesn’t suffer. From gusty winds to torrential downpours Giordana has the essential PROTECTION garments that will ensure you stay dry, warm and comfortable on the ride. 

Ear Cover $18 USD

Skullcap $23 USD

Neck Gaiter $23 USD

Ear Cover $30 USD

Skull Cap $25 USD

Winter Cap $40 USD

Balaclava $25 USD

Hannibal $30 USD

Gaiter $30 USD

Targa Gloves $40 USD

Versa Glove $35 USD

Corsa Gloves $25 USD

Toesters $20 USD

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Find a Giordana Dealer Near You: